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Looking for college counselors in Fremont, CA? Often, parents feel lost trying to choose the best college counseling company. Our innovative counseling model powered by former admissions officers gives you the best roadmap to get into your dream school.

From the North

Head southwest on I-680 S.

Take exit 16 for Mission Boulevard/CA-238, then turn left onto CA-238 S/Mission Boulevard.

Turn left on Mission Terra Place, then immediately turn right into the parking lot.

Our office is in Suite #240.

From the East

If you’re trying to get to us from directly east, you’re probably hiking through Sunol Regional Wilderness.

Enjoy the view and make sure to bring plenty of water with you!

From the South

Head north on I-680 N.

Use the right lane to take exit 12 for Mission Blvd E, then merge onto Mission Blvd.

Turn right on Mission Terra Place, then immediately turn right into the parking lot.

Our office is in Suite #240.

From the West

Proceed southeast on Paseo Padre Parkway.

Turn left onto Washington Boulevard.

Turn right onto Mission Boulevard.

Turn left on Mission Terra Place, then immediately turn right into the parking lot.

Our office is in Suite #240.

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Why choose FLEX as your Fremont college counselors?

Get into your dream school.

If you want to gain admission to one of the top colleges, prepare for a hard contest with some serious competition.

To confidently beat that competition, you’ll need guidance. FLEX’s team of former admissions officers know exactly what the top colleges are looking for. We’ll relieve your stress by providing you a clear pathway to move through the process.

With our help, you’ll stand out from the competition and get accepted to the college of your dreams.

Admission Consulting

Fremont College Counselors

When it comes to college admissions, there’s nothing more helpful than an experienced counselor who knows you well.

When you work with FLEX, that’s exactly what you get: an expert who will take the time to truly understand you and your goals, and provide you thoughtful feedback and guidance for

  • What to do when visiting schools
  • How to brainstorm essay ideas
  • How to craft excellent application essays
  • And much more!

Get clarity and direction on college admissions.

Test Prep

Test Prep

At FLEX, test prep is rigorously practical and extraordinarily flexible. We understand that many high school students have hectic schedules, and we’re committed to working with you in whatever way works best for you.

When you’re paying for test prep, you deserve clear advice and straight answers. When you ask us how best to move forward, we won’t just say, “You need to decide for yourself how much time and effort you want to invest in test prep.” We take the time to understand your goals, and we’ll give you clear answers about how to achieve them.

FLEX students see average score increases of 200-250 points on the SAT and 3-4 points on the ACT.

Tutoring & Academic Enrichment

Tutoring and Academic Enrichment

Good test scores are unlikely to save a college application if they’re matched with a poor GPA.

FLEX tutors will work with you to turn your weaknesses into strengths, and make your transcript a strong point in your college application.

Get personalized assistance to improve grades and build fundamental skills.

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Build a profile that stands out.

Since 2001, FLEX has helped tens-of-thousands of students worldwide realize their college dreams.


98% of FLEX students have been admitted to one or more of their target schools.


In 2017, the acceptance rate for FLEX students to Top 25 colleges and universities was over 66%.


The national average acceptance rate to Top 25 schools was 14%; FLEX students outperformed the rest by almost 52%.

FLEX has been chosen by prestigious institutions all around the world for their college prep needs.

Past and present partners include:

And here’s what our families have to say:

Christine F.
Admitted to Princeton

Princeton is a go! There are no words to describe the gratitude my parents and I have for FLEX. The college application process can seem like a daunting obstacle at times, and you guided me through impeccably. Again, thank you so much, and I’ll be sure to let you know how I'm doing in the future!

Michael S.
Admitted to John Hopkins University

I have great news: I got in early at Johns Hopkins! I’m so glad and relieved since JHU has been my first choice school all along. Thanks for all the help you and the FLEX team gave me, especially with your valuable counseling and encouragement. I also want to thank Charles for his enormous help with the essays.

With FLEX, you’ll feel confident about your college application choices.

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