FLEX Pathways: Writing Center

This program offers students long-term academic pathways for middle and high school students who are serious about English and Writing.

Humanities-pathways are less clear and standardized than are STEM-pathways. The FLEX Writing Center leverages the deep knowledge and expertise of its instructors to help students thrive in the humanities.

Our approach is not only to provide students with high-level instruction but also to help them apply their learning through publications, clubs, competitions, and activities.

FWC offers experience in all genres of writing. In 2020-2021, FWC will focus on non-fiction & academic writing as follows but contact your local FLEX center for a full list of FWC courses offered.

(Courses do not need to be taken in sequence though it is recommended.)




NF1 (Summer 2020): “Personal Narrative Essay & Creative Writing”

Learn the key components to creative writing while documenting your personal memories and experiences in your autobiography.


NF2 (Spring 2021): “Biographical Essay Writing”

Research and document the life of an influential person of your choice. Learn researching skills and cultural analysis. Good preparation for upper-level English Lit and History classes.


NF3 (Spring 2021): “The History Research Paper”

Apply researching skills to history. Learn how to get a big picture view of history and evaluate evidence. Good preparation for AP classes in the humanities.

NF4 (Summer 2021): “The Newspaper Project”

Learn to apply various forms of non-fiction writing into a student newspaper. Participate in an interactive project that helps students develop various forms of non-fiction writing, including the persuasive essay (editorial). Good introduction to journalism skills and a natural segue into school papers/magazines.

Meet The FWC Team

FLEX’s FWC program employs only experienced, top-level instructors and curriculum writers. Our FOP instructors have taught at:





Yoon Choi (FLEX Writing Center, Program Director)

Yoon Choi (FLEX Writing Center, Program Director)

  • Stanford University: Stegner Fellowship in fiction (2017–2019)
  • Johns Hopkins University: Teaching fellowJohns Hopkins CTY: Teacher
  • and curriculum developer
  • Education: Stanford MA Literature, Johns Hopkins BA/MA Writing
  • Publications in Michigan Quarterly review, Narrative Magazine, New England Review, and Best American Short Stories 2018
  • Debut collection of short stories, Skinship, forthcoming from Knopf: a division of Penguin/Random House
Kate Huh (FLEX Writing Center, Program Manager)

Kate Huh (FLEX Writing Center, Program Manager)

  • Recipient of University of California STAR Award for exemplary work performance as a research editor at UCLA
  • Columbia Scholastic Press Association Certificate of Merit for Editorial Leadership
  • Founder of Yale Undergraduate Journal of Comparative Literature
  • Education: Yale BA Literature English & Admitted to Harvard Law and Stanford Law
  • Troy High School: Graduate & Editor in Chief
Meagan Mason (FLEX Writing Center, Program Coordinator & Instructor)

Meagan Mason (FLEX Writing Center, Program Coordinator & Instructor)

  • UC Davis: College Essay Mentorship Program
  • UC Davis: Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • UC Davis: BA Communication
Emily Redfield (FLEX Writing Center, Instructor)

Emily Redfield (FLEX Writing Center, Instructor)

  • Princeton: BA English & Creative Writing
  • Gunn High School: Graduate

FLEX Research Methodologies Course (FRMC)

Learn more about our FLEX Research Methodologies Course (FRMC)!

FLEX Research Methodologies Course (FRMC) helps students develop valuable research skills, gain competitive advantage when applying to future summer research programs and in applying to and succeeding in college!

FLEX Research Methodologies Course (FRMC) – How It Works:

  • Select a specific area of research:​ Health Sciences, Business/Econ, Humanities.
  • Ten video lectures​ ​on key research methodologies and skills (listed below in Course Schedule).
  • Includes homework for general concepts as well as subject-specific assignments.
  • Weekly live TA sessions​,​ including breakout sessions focused on the student’s area of research.
  • Meet with TAs​ during office hours if desired.
  • No prior experience with research required.

Expected Outcome:

  • A 3-5 page research paper
  • Presentation of research and findings to an academic committee
  • Certificate of completion for the course

FLEX Research Mentorship Program (FRMP)

Learn more about our FLEX Research Mentorship Program (FRMP)!

FLEX Research Mentorship Program (FRMP) is a virtual mentorship program designed for bright and motivated 11-12th grade students.

FLEX Research Mentorship Program (FRMP) – How It Works:

Students are paired 1:1 with a professor or university instructor to develop a research project from start to finish.

Expected outcome:

  • A detailed research/conference proposal or a completed original research paper suitable for submission for publication.
  • A capstone project for college resume
  • A letter of recommendation for college applications

Recent successes:

  • College admissions: Stanford, Princeton, U Chicago
  • First Place in MIT Inspire (#1 humanities competition)
  • Admission to Simons Summer Research Program (top 5 summer program)