FOP Virtual Summer Camp

This is an online summer camp for upper-elementary and middle school students!

Have you and your child been missing the comfort and structure of the school week?

Are you concerned that your child may be wasting valuable time or losing focus?

Are you interested in maximizing your child’s potential in a fun but productive learning experience?

Structured Learning
  • Structured Learning: Monday – Friday, 9AM – 12PM available!
  • Balanced Learning: Video lectures & live classes
  • Expert Instructors and curriculum writers
  • Miniminal to no parental assistance required


Create Your “School Day”

There are many options for virtual learning. But most courses are designed as samplers that last a week or two. Students try this or that without gaining real mastery of a subject area. FOP offers:

  • Sessions that run for 7 weeks (June 15 – July 31)
  • Systematic and structured courses
  • Measurable progress
  • Pathway Learning

Why FOP Kids?

There are many enrichment resources available on the internet. However, most programs are designed as samplers that allow students to try a little of this and a little of that. Additionally, most programs are too short to offer a more robust learning experience.

FOP Kids has a clear vision of the future. It offers 1-2 years of guided exploration, divided into three stand-alone trimesters per year. Curious students can try exploring a topic for a trimester. Enthusiasts can continue advancing their studies! FOP public speaking/debate students can join their school speech and debate teams. FOP coding students can take advanced computing programs at school. Other subjects include writing, competition math, and more!

How It Works

1. Video lectures: Learn skills and concepts

2. Homework: Practice and apply skills and concepts

3. Virtual instructionals: Review topics and HW with instructors, ask questions, explore skills and concepts in greater depth

FLEX Online Prep Kids Courses

Choose from 4 areas of learning — or bundle together in our summer camp!


Does your student know an adverb from a relative adverb? Can your student put together a good compound sentence?

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Grammar is the foundation of written and verbal communication. Students cannot become good readers and writers if they are not confident about their grammar. FLEX Grammar Curriculum is based on a form of sentence diagramming. Sentence diagramming is a fun and useful tool to learn the rules and idiosyncrasies of the English language:

  • Graphic learning
  • The logic of grammar
  • Life long application

Scratch Coding

Can your student speak the language of the digital age?

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In this day and age, even students who are not STEM oriented must still achieve a certain degree of fluency with computer languages. This course introduces students to Scratch, the top visual programming language for kids.

  • Used in over 150 countries
  • Develops creative and logical thinking skills
  • Systematic thinking

Public Speaking & Debate

Is your student a confident public speaker? Does your student know how to build and present a strong argument?

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Public Speaking and Debate teaches students skills that are essential in a Western classroom. Students must learn to present persuasive arguments and communicate their ideas to others in a clear and convincing way.

  • Speak your mind
  • Build support for your ideas
  • Learn how to disagree
  • Overcome shyness

Essay Writing

Is your student a confident writer? Does your student have a fear of writing essays?

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Essay writing is the primary mode of communication in an academic setting. Whether reading an English novel or analyzing an historical event, students must communicate their analysis in writing. In addition, strong writing skills are a necessary part of the digital age: emails, texts, online profiles. These writing samples convey a strong impression of the writer.

  • Parts of the essay
  • Brainstorming, drafting, creating a finished product
  • How to become a better writer

Courses Coming Soon: Advanced Scratch 1 (August 2020); Speech & Debate: Persuasion 101 (August 2020); Speech & Debate: Campaign speeches (January 2021); Advanced Scratch 2 (January 2021)

Meet The FOP Kids Team

FOP Kids employs only experienced, top-level instructors and curriculum writers. Our FOP instructors have taught at:

  • John Hopkins CTY
  • Stanford University Math Camp (SUMAC)
  • idTECH Stanford
  • #1 Parliamentary Debate Team in nation (Campolindo HS)



Philip Vuong (FOP Kids Director of Math Programs)

Philip Vuong (FOP Kids Director of Math Programs)
→ Stanford University Math Camp (SUMaC): Former admission officer, curriculum developer and instructor

Student favorite, FOP Director of Math Programs Philip Vuong brings his passion for math (and Sour Skittles) to life, whether in the classroom or on the screen! Philip graduated Stanford University with a BS in Math and Electrical Engineering. He has served as a curriculum developer, instructor, and admissions officer at the Stanford University Math Camp (SUMaC). He has also taught AP Calculus at Stanford University High School.

Philip is no slouch when it comes to test prep, either. With over ten years experience teaching SAT, he boasts a track record that’s hard to beat: 100% of students scoring 750+ on the SAT, 100% of students scoring 750+ on the SAT Subject Test, 90% of students scoring 800 on the SAT Subject Test (2019).

Yoon Choi (FOP Kids Director of English Programs)

Yoon Choi (FOP Kids Director of English Programs)
Johns Hopkins CTY program: Former curriculum developer and instructor

FOP Director of English Programs Yoon Choi graduated from Johns Hopkins University (BA, MA) and Stanford University (MA, Stegner Fellowship). She is an experienced writing instructor, having taught at Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY).

Yoon has over ten years test prep experience, with students averaging an increase of 140 points on the verbal SAT.

Fatima Alamire (FOP Kids Speech & Debate Curriculum Writer)

Fatima Alamire (FOP Kids Speech & Debate Curriculum Writer)
→ HS Debate Coach: Former coach of #1 ranked parliamentary team in the U.S
→ Her students occupied 3 of the top 5 nationally ranked individual debaters

You wouldn’t want to start an argument with FOP Speech and Debate Instructor Fatima Alamire, who is literally a world-class debater. In 2015, this UC Berkeley grad was the undefeated US National Open Parliamentary Debate Champion. Internationally, she won the Open British Parliamentary Semifinalist Award in Beijing, China.

But Fatima is not just a skilled debater herself. She is also an inspiring teacher who coached and directed the Parliamentary Debate Team at Campolindo High School. Her program became the nation’s #1 ranked parliamentary debate program, shattering the national seasonal point record. In 2017, her students occupied 3 of the top 5 nationally ranked debate slots.

Brian Fan (FOP Kids Director of Coding Programs)

Brian Fan (FOP Kids Director of Coding Programs)
→ iDTech Camps (Stanford site): Former Lead Instructor

FOP Computer Science Instructor Brian Fan is one of those guys who’s both left-brained and right-brained. A graduate of Emory University with a degree in English Literature, Brian is equally passionate about teaching the language of the digital age. Brian has been a lead instructor for iD Tech: UC Berkeley and program director for iD Tech: Stanford campus. He is an expert at teaching Computer Science to pre-college students.

Perhaps most importantly, as even his youngest students can attest (age 7!), Brian is a gifted teacher and all-around cool guy. When you attend one of his classes, two hours can fly by!

Jessica Waldman (FOP English Instructor)

Jessica Waldman (FOP English Instructor)

FOP English instructor Jessica Waldman is perhaps the only English teacher in America who is both an actress as well as a grammarian! A graduate of Stanford University, Jessica combines her academic pedigree with a sense of drama and fun, making her an engaging teacher of even the driest academic subjects.

In addition to her many abilities, Jessica can sing, speak French, do a British accent, and diagram sentences using perfect penmanship!

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Intro to Speech & Debate


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Foundations of Grammar


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Essay Writing


For: 3rd-7th Grade

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How does it work?
  • Video lectures: Learn skills and concepts
  • TA sessions: Apply skills and concepts with help of a TA
  • Concept review: Master Instructors review key topics, and explore skills and concepts in greater depth
How can younger and older students learn together?
While the video lectures are the same, live sessions are grouped by age.
How many students per breakout session?
The number of students varies from 10-18.
Is there a curriculum fee?
You can print the curriculum yourself at no extra cost. There is a small additional charge per course if we mail you the curriculum.