About FLEX

What Makes Us Different

We Care

We take what we do seriously and care about the families we work with.

It starts with our founder, Danny Byun, who always had a passion for guiding and advising youth in his community. When hiring admissions consultants, he looks for people who share his dedication to inspiring young people.

Holistic Approach

We view admissions consulting as part of a student’s overall personal development.

Our consultants guide students to become authentic individuals who look beyond themselves and seek to contribute to society. This serves students well not only with college applications, but in life as well.

Innovative Consulting Model

FLEX pioneered the use of former admissions officers and a team approach in its consulting model.

By tapping into the collective knowledge of industry insiders, we’re able to help families move the needle on college admissions.

Exceptional Tutors & Curriculum

We only hire tutors who graduated from top universities.

We also develop original curriculum and advocate efficient learning to ensure that students have time to engage in a variety of activities during their high school years.

What's your college dream? 
FLEX will help you succeed.

About FLEX

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Message from the CEO

All students have a college dream — whether they dream of big schools or small schools, public or private, colleges or universities.

The FLEX Difference

The right college can set your student up for a successful career; the wrong one can affect the rest of their lives.

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