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Analysis of Early Application Results and Recent Changes in the SAT and AP tests

SAT 2/27 @10AM PST

Analyze early application results with FLEX's expert counselors! This year’s early application results are particularly important because they give indications of nd insight into current the changing landscape of college prep and college admissions during this time of how colleges will value and weight different criteria during COVID. For the Class of 2022, it could be an indicator of things like value of the SAT, achievement or service, and more.

Get the statistics on FLEX's Early Round Decisions to see what worked (and what did not) and for a chance to meet some of our counselors who supported these students in getting into the college of their dreams!

In addition to Early Application Results, we will be presenting about College Board's recently announced significant changes to the SAT as well as the SAT Subject Tests. First, after June 2021, the SAT will no longer have an optional essay component. Second, the SAT Subject Tests will be discontinued, effective immediately. Learn more about what these recent changes mean for your student and how it affects their college applications!











FREE Pre-College Essay Workshops for Class of 2022

  • SAT 2/20 @10AM PST: Why College X?
  • WED 24 @6PM PST: UC Personal Insight Questions
  • SAT 3/6 @10AM PST: Why College X?
  • WED 3/10 @6PM PST: UC Insight Questions
  • SAT 3/20 @10AM PST: UC Insight Questions
  • WED 3/24 @6PM PST: Why My Major?
  • WED 4/7 @6PM PST: Why My Major?
  • WED 4/17 @6PM PST: Why College X?
  • SAT 4/21 @10AM PST: Personal Statement

Class of 2022 (Current HS Juniors)

Back by popular demand! Get a taste of what colleges are looking for in an application essay!

A great college essay communicates all the necessary information about you as a person. Learn what colleges are looking for and get help writing the essays that best showcase you! Under the supervision of a FLEX essay specialist, students will learn what should and should not go in the essay, study a sample essay, brainstorm potential topics, and find their unique writing voices as well as the benefits of learning strategies and starting the essay process early with feedback from FLEX's admission committee.

These workshops are NOT for current FLEX ACE Program students. You are automatically scheduled for dedicated workshops as part of the ACE program.



The Changing Landscape of AP Exams: Most Recent Updates

TUE 3/9 @6PM PST
SAT 3/13 @10AM PST
WED 3/17 @7PM PST
SAT 4/10 @10AM PST

During this time of pandemic and institutional upheaval, the AP exams have become the college admissions test of choice, finally unseating the SAT and ACT from their prominent place in a student’s academic portfolio. Come to our free webinar to find out what impact these changes will have on current high school students.


Summer Planning in a Virtual World: NEW MARCH UPDATES

SAT 3/27 @10AM PST

COVID19 has disrupted many traditional summer activities as programs scramble to rework their offerings into virtual formats. How can students still leverage their summer to find opportunities they enjoy and also enrich their college applications?

FLEX is here to support students going through the uncertainty and give tips on how to fill their summer break with activities to supplement their academic profile. Attend our webinar to learn about the steps you can take to make the best out of your summer!



Changes and Trends: An Analysis of 2021 Application Results

SAT 4/24 @10am PST

Get the statistics on FLEX's Early Round Decisions to see what worked (and what did not) and for a chance to meet some of our counselors who supported these students in getting into the college of their dreams!




Middle Schoolers, Get a HeadStart During the Pandemic

THU 3/11 @12PM PST
SAT 3/13 @1:30PM PST
THU 3/25 @12PM PDT
SAT 3/27 @1:30PM PDT

The pandemic is causing stress for students and parents alike, and college admissions is becoming more and more competitive. Join our Panel Discussion to learn about FLEX HeadStart, the program that helps middle school students prepare for success in high school, college, and beyond. We’ll review the fun and engaging classes offered this summer that transition middle school students from a stressful school year to finding joy in learning again. Get students ready to make the most of the 2021-22 academic year!


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FLEX has been helping students achieve their dreams since 2001.


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Amit (Student)

Admitted to Stanford

The college application process is often frustrating and confusing, and I am so thankful that I had someone to be by my side as I made my way to Stanford. FLEX taught me how to “weather the storm” — to look past the essays and grades and deeper into myself and my values. My parents and I made the right choice to join FLEX, and I highly encourage any other nervous families and high school students to do the same.

Child Admitted To Stanford University

Ben got in early to Stanford! As you know, it was his first choice, so he is very happy and relieved. We really appreciate it…we could not have done it without you! We’ll definitely be back this summer with Jeremy, Ben’s younger brother, so we’ll talk soon.

Admitted To Johns Hopkins University

I have great news: I got in early at Johns Hopkins! I’m so glad and relieved since JHU has been my first choice school all along. Thanks for all the help you and the FLEX team gave me, especially with your valuable counseling and encouragement. I also want to thank Charles for his enormous help with the essays.

Admitted To Princeton University

Princeton is a go! There are no words to describe the gratitude my parents and I have for FLEX. The college application process can seem like a daunting obstacle at times, and you guided me through impeccably. Again, thank you so much, and I’ll be sure to let you know how I’m doing in the future!

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